Everything Is Energy. How Are You Using Yours?

From time to time in this space, Balboa Press publishes articles written by our authors in which they share some aspect of their self-publishing journeys. These are the words of Tabby Sapene, author of Mental Alchemy: Spiritual Affirmations to Change Your Life. For more information about Tabby, check out her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Download the Balboa Press free publishing guide to receive more information on self-publishing your book with Balboa Press. 

MABook&FeathersEverything is made up of energy. That energy is ever changing based on what happens around it, to it, and through it. We emanate our own vibrational energy, which is influenced by the thoughts we think and project out, and by our feelings, emotions, environment, and so on.

As humans, we believe that we have control over many things, and when a desired result to our wishful thinking does not occur, sometimes we become reactive. Usually this results in creating more negative energy because we make an active choice to react in ways that are not beneficial to ourselves or others. Yelling, screaming, or becoming overly emotional do not help change the situation for the better.

When we make the active choice to respond rather than react to the circumstances, situations, people, and events around us we have the opportunity to use our energy in ways that benefit others as well as ourselves. Thus allowing us to work on our own personal and spiritual growth as well.

There are many things we cannot control, such as the weather or what others will do at any given time or in any situation. The thought that we can control anything is an illusion. However, we have the choice of how we respond to people and events.
Being upset that it’s raining isn’t going to stop the rain. It’s just going to lower our vibrations (decreasing our positive energy) as we allow ourselves to be in a sour mood. This can happen with whatever we are experiencing if we choose not to change our thoughts about it.
IReleaseTheOldAffirmationIdentifying one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions and addressing these patterns in a healthy way can help one heal in many ways. This in turn can bring one closer to becoming more balanced in mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

Simply addressing each thought or emotion that you are experiencing as they come up may assist you in identifying the energy that you are projecting out to others and to yourself. What you resist persists, so trying to stuff negative thoughts or feelings only results in prolonging the inevitable. They will resurface again to give you the opportunity to address them. Usually this happens because you are ready to release and heal that part of yourself from that which no longer serves you. If you wish you can affirm, “I release you, I bless you, and transmute you” to thoughts and emotions that you are experiencing.

In some cases those that are sensitive to energy, the thoughts and emotions that they are experiencing are from others and not their own. You can build up your own inner compass and intuition by simply asking. “Is this mine” when you have a sudden shift in mood or feelings. Most often you will get a feeling if it is not yours, and you can use the above affirmation to assist you.

TabbyIn other cases the emotions and thought patterns are more ingrained and need more help to be completely removed and healed, and sometimes these continuous patterns of experiences will remain until we can identify the lesson that is being taught.

It’s important that you be gentle with yourself as you allow yourself to heal and move forward for your benefit. As you do so you not only clear, heal and change the very energy around you and others that you interact with, you allow yourself to be open to more experiences that are in alignment with your own purpose.

Remember, each day is a day for change, a change of heart, mindset, a new way for opportunities to arise where there were none before. Today is not yesterday; you are not the choices that you have made in the past. You are a Divine Being, a Divine Soul that has each new day to start anew.

Tabby Sapene MSW, LISW-S, is the Integrative Clinical Mental Health Therapist & Energy Therapist providing Integrative Consultations to clients across the globe through Skype, specializing in working with individuals on their soul purpose, helping them to understand their energy field and maintain balance while following their own internal compass. She is the owner of Oasis Of The Heart, LLC Integrative Wellness Center in Dublin, Ohio, and Author of Mental Alchemy Spiritual Affirmations to Change Your Life.  Tabby enjoys creating energy infused crystal jewelry and organic skin care. She also enjoys participating in various writing and speaking engagements. For more information visit www.oasisoftheheart.com.   Facebook https://www.facebook.com/oasisoftheheart1/ and Etsy OasisOfTheHeart.

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