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From time to time in this space, Balboa Press publishes articles written by our authors in which they share some aspect of their self-publishing journeys. These  are the words of David Bertolacci, author of “Grand Slam Theory of the Omniverse: What Happened before the Big Bang?” Click here to receive a free publishing guide and to receive more information on self-publishing your book with Balboa Press.

My life has been an unexpected journey. Throughout all of the hard times, I have learned that no matter who you have in your life, the love within you will pull you through. This is how I began my writing career, leading to the release of my first book.

Many people follow their dreams and their passions about writing. I found passion in the subject, the Omniverse, but I must admit that I never thought of myself as a writer. It was a strange twist of fate for me as I was becoming aligned with my divine purpose, but then life came crashing down on me.

As I went through emotional turmoil, my writing changed. I held nothing back on social media. I wrote about the lessons learned and the deep profound love within. A broken heart does a lot to change a person. But I did not let it harden me. I let it make me vulnerable. I broke down. I surrendered. I let go. And I forgive every single day. Most importantly, I forgive myself. These became the subjects of my writing. My lesson was to infuse the writing with genuine feelings. This is what I had to do not to survive, but to thrive.

ResizeImageHandler (1)My intuition led me down this path. We each create our own reality. That is what we must do. I am creating a new universe of love. Rather than letting life get me down, I embrace the power to learn through my writing. My blogs literally tell me how to live as they are thoughts streamed from the heart. Knowledge is universal – it comes through me, not from me.

This is the fun part of writing. I get to review my life. I can reflect and learn lessons. More importantly, I can share them with an ever-growing base of like-minded people seeking love and enlightenment. I found my passion! Even though my life was turned upside-down, I persevered. I published my book, blogged about everything in life, and started a whole new project about the science of enlightenment. My next book is going to change everything (again)!

Simply put, writing has carried me through the turmoil of what my life became. Social media became the outlet for me to help others going through their pain. I embrace my path. I am a healer. I am a teacher. I am carrying ancient knowledge into this existence as I have for hundreds of thousands of years. I am Toltec. I can teach us that we are simply love. We are the ones who complicate our life – no-one else! We must take responsibility, transmute the pain into lessons learned, and create a whole new reality. When I originally wrote about the Omniverse, I had no idea that a level of spirituality so deep was hidden within the scientific framework. It was so deep that the lessons I pulled out of it will be life-changing for so many more people! Writing has freed my spirit. And that’s what writing is about.

I understand that many avoid change. It can be difficult to grasp the knowledge that we are simply one consciousness with different flavors. But the difficulty only comes from unwillingness to let go of the conditioning we have endured for thousands of years to perpetuate the illusion of separation. The universe is love. Simple as that. All of the parallels, all of the vast cosmos we observe down to the tiniest of the quantum realm – it’s just one singularity. Time only exists in the physical illusion. I write so we will see the true beauty of the universe’s simplicity. But I will tell you this. On our level, we don’t need to understand it just yet. Because we can feel it. It’s pure love, baby!

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