Lyah! Lyah! Pants on Fyah! by Lou Bishop

Balboa Press publishes articles written by our authors in which they share some aspect of their self-publishing journeys. These are the words of Lou Bishop, author of Lyah! Lyah! Pants on Fyah! The Stories, the Lies, and Steps to Sacred Healing for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse. Download the Balboa Press free publishing guide to receive more information on self-publishing your book with Balboa Press. 

Tell us a little bit about your book. What inspired you to write it?

Child sexual abuse impacts one in four girls. This type of abuse is kept secret while the family behaves as though ‘nothing happened.’ All the while, the victim is blamed and shamed. At best, she is told to move on or put it behind her. Once the sexual abuse survivor has children of her own, she in turn models codependent behavior to her children. Sadly, this is the cyclic nature of abuse.

Convinced that the actual telling of one’s story initiates the healing process, I decided that there was a need to create a sacred space where honest conversations could be had around this subject matter. I, therefore developed a series of workshops that have positively impacted numerous women over the years. It is as a result of these workshops that I stumbled upon the idea of writing a book.

“LYAH! LYAH! PANTS ON FYAH!” shares, in harrowing detail at times, stories of survivors. The first couple of chapters introduce the complex subject of toxic shame. The middle portion shares some of the tools that I still use for sacred healing. The third section of the book explores the lies that some women unconsciously subscribe to, hence the name, LYAH! LYAH! PANTS ON FYAH!

What are 5 things you’ve learned about self-publishing?

  1. Research the numerous self-publishing tools out there but don’t obsess on the publishing aspect until after you have actually written the book. If you don’t have time to master what is available, outsourcing should be considered.
  2. Be prepared to spend a little more money that you planned.
  3. Be prepared for delays.
  4. Trust the process and know that it’s not about perfection. Every pitfall presents a learning opportunity.
  5. Never give up.

9781504341080_COVER.inddWhat do you love most about self-publishing and would you recommend it to other authors?

Absolutely, yes! Never has there been a better time for indie e-book authors. Self-publishing provides a platform that grants the author a great deal of control and flexibility.

What’s your favorite social media outlet for marketing/promotions?

Actually, Facebook has worked well for me as far as list building and exposure is concerned.

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

As I said before – Never give up. If the ‘story’ percolates in one’s being, one needs to honor self by finding a way to share. It’s important to create the time, space and place to ‘listen to your whisper.’

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