You’re Never too Old to Be an Author

From time to time in this space, Balboa Press publishes articles written by our authors in which they share some aspect of their self-publishing journeys. These are the words of Cheryl Hebblethwaite author of “What’s Wrong or What’s Right: From “Mimi and the Children of Light” Series”. For more information about Cheryl, check out her website and blog. Download the Balboa Press free publishing guide to receive more information on self-publishing your book with Balboa Press.  

I’ve been putting pen to paper since I was eight-years-old; short stories, poetry, diaries, journaling, etc., always with the dream that I would one day publish children’s books.

SKU-001049654Through a series of events, my dream began to take shape in early 2015. I’m old school. I thought all you had to do was write the words and somehow your words would come to print. I also knew I’d better find out how others were doing things.

I love to learn, so I took advantage of a Hay House course about “Traditional vs. Self-Publishing”


I soon discovered there was so much more to learn! I chose self-publishing and had a feel for Balboa Press. My manuscript was accepted and the process began. Fortunately for me, the folks at Balboa held my hand the whole way. I’m sure that wasn’t easy for them as I was a rather ‘green’ sixty-year-old.
My team was always professional and extremely helpful. They often truly delighted me! When you’ve had a dream for 52 of your 60 years, it’s pretty overwhelming to see it come to fruition. I have learned so much and grown in so many ways.

Cheryl - 1One of the most beneficial lessons was:

You are NEVER too old to pursue your dreams. If you want something that you truly believe can enhance others, if you are willing to learn much and take action, your dreams can come true.

My passion is to help children know they have a fantastic light always within them that longs to benefit them. My way of getting that out is through the written word.

The words that helped me continue when old conditioned thoughts reared their dreary heads were, “You are the only one who can tell this story in this unique way, keep at it.”

And so I shall.

Balboa Press authors who’d like to share a 350-600 word experience related to the self-publishing of their books, are invited to do so by sending a message through our Facebook page at, by tweeting us @BalboaPress, or by emailing blog@ We may not be able to use every story, but we will read and consider them. Balboa Press reserves the right to edit stories for content, grammar and punctuation accuracy; as well as for space. 


  1. My first book is now self-published with Balboa at the young age of 63. I have gleaned inspiration about the “ageness” of following my dream from YOU and from Louise Hay. We’re all out here baby.-one word at a time.. One dream at a time. Keep dreaming!

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