Don’t Die with the Music Still in You

These are the words of Lucy Agapi, author of Balboa Press book “The Ocean Blue.” Lucy answered the call to write her book and self-publish with Balboa Press. To learn more about her story visit her Facebook. Download the Balboa Press free publishing guide to receive more information. 

You Have the Music in You.

I was taking a road trip and these were the words spoken by Wayne Dyer who I was listening to on my way to my destination. I was not sure if this was a message delivered to me in some sort of a cosmic way or it was the validation I needed. Either way, I received a whisper by Universe, “you have a music in you.” I knew there was more than one, but I had to wonder what speaks to me the most and which one can I use as a channel to express my creativity and serve my purpose in the meantime?

If you are reading this blog, the chances are you also have a music in you. Do you feel that there is more than what you are doing at this moment? Do you feel that you can do something bigger and better that comes to you naturally and effortlessly?

Here are few reasons why you can trust this voice:.

It’s your creation that you will leave behind.:

Your work will live forever and will be eternal with your name attached to it. Is there anything better than knowing you have left your mark. Your words, your painting, your music, your art that has come to you as an inspiration?

You have a bigger purpose.

We all know this voice that quietly speaks to us every day. I had chosen not to listen to this voice because I did not trust it. Who am I to create art and speak my words? Let me tell you, you are it! No other voice could speak to you more persistently if it was not real. You can trust it, you have a bigger purpose. When you feel inspired and you will know when you do, jump on it. Simply let it be.

You will not look back with regrets.

Regrets are not something I am big fan of. We all have the courage within ourselves to walk the path we are being shown. Let’s take it. Your reward will be your knowing that you did not settle for less than your own heart’s desire. You will have the pleasure of saying “I did it my way” by the words of Paul Anka.

You will have an opportunity to express your creativity.

There is nothing worse than silencing your creative mind. You are not yourself if you are not expressing your creative mind and you only rely on your logical mind which sometimes can be extremely critical. Your creative mind is the one that lets you play. Your creative mind is the one that balances your life and helps you feel centered, just like a prayer.

You will heal along the way.

I believe my inspiration came from this place of hurt. Even though it does not have to be this way for everybody. The unwelcomed messages played every opportunity they got. Rewriting my history was my very own journey. You too can choose to take this step to access to this special space within you. You will be inspired to write, to sing, to paint, to photograph, to teach, whatever it takes to reach this place and make your voice heard loud and clear. You have what it takes to stand by your truth, which is your light, which is your inner knowing, which is your birthright.

You already have come a long way. “Don’t die with the music still in you.” You will be shown the way if you say “yes”.

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