Giving Thanks and Remembering Our Heroes

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Never Forget

Remeber Our HeroesAs another year passes and we remember one of the most heartbreaking things. We stop and give our thanks to the brave men and women of 9/11. I think back as I too was shocked by the events that happened. I have to calm my daughter that was scared and worried they the same thing would happen here. We all sat around and watched as what we never could image to happen, did. Watching as the towers fell first one and then another. We cried as a nation for the loss of lives and the people that tried to help.

Standing Together

Americans stood together as a nation to help find anyone that might have survived. We comforted those that were missing loved ones. We asked questions as to how this could happen here. Most of us thought we were safe here at home from terrorism.

As the days stretched, there was an odd quiet in the sky, as no planes were allowed over U.S. airspace. We as a nation had become lazy and arrogant. That the great United States of American was untouchable, we watched, as that dream shattered.

Remeber Our Heroes

We talk about the towers, but there were two other acts of terrorism. The Pentagon was attacked too, and many more lost their lives. There was flight 93 and the many that stepped up to stop this senseless act. We heard as those brave men and women made their last call to their loved ones. Some are leaving messages some that were able to say their goodbyes.

Honoring our Heroes

We hold ceremonies to honor the dead and remember that day. We were all touched by what happened on 9/11. Many will say that we brought this on ourselves with the war on terrorism that we had been fighting.

The facts might never come out as to the real reasons. We need to remember and keep watch for Freedom is not free. The men and women that are fighting each and every day need our support.

Support in understanding as they came home from the horrors they saw. To the damage of body, mind, and spirit, they might have seen.

Have we not learned that lesson from the men and women that serviced in Vietnam and the problems they faced. I write from the fact that my late husband was a Vietnam vet. They came back from severing their country to hate, from the people of the U.S. We need to step up and take care of all that serve this county and make sure they have the tools to be able to become productive people here at home.

Fighting for Freedom

I ask as a mom, grandma, and a U.S. citizen that we all need to fight for the freedom we have here. If only to support thoughts that are over there and doing the fighting. To the men and women here that help to keep our county safe from this ever happening again. Please stand with me and give thanks for all that they give us and give up.

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