It’s a Job not a Hobby

These are the words of Tamara Lashchyk, Balboa Press author of  “Lose the Gum.” If you’d like to learn more about Tamara you can visit her author website, Facebook, or Twitter. Download the Balboa Press free publishing guide to receive more information.

Twenty Years in the Making

When asked how long it has taken me to write my book, I always respond by saying, “twenty years.” Although penning the actual book has taken me far less time, it took me twenty years to gain the experience necessary for writing it. I approached the task of writing with the same tenacity I would any job that I was hired to do.

I developed this practice after reading Turning Pro, a book by Steven Pressfield, in which he writes on converting the mindset of an amateur into that of a professional. Using Pressfield’s book as inspiration, I remind myself that I wouldn’t miss a day of work for no reason. It was this thought which kept waking me up every day, ready to write.

My challenge, however, was that I already had a very demanding day job. Therefore, I knew that in order to complete my book, I was going to have to devote every spare moment I had to writing. I also knew that sacrifices would have to be made. Even still, I was steadfast and mentally prepared myself for the challenges upon which I was ready to embark.

Writing is a Job

My day began each morning before dawn. I’d made the promise to myself to dedicate at least one full hour to writing before work. I also devoted three nights a week to my book, on those evenings I would come home from work and write until the time that I went to bed. Most weekends, days off, and holidays were also spoken for and fully committed to my craft.

Wake, write, work, write, print, edit, revise and REPEAT. This was my schedule every day until I had completed my first draft. The revisions took four additional months, following the exact same process. It took a full year of writing before I was ready to send a manuscript to my publisher. It was a lot of work, but it has been one of the most gratifying accomplishments that I’ve achieved. With that, I can unequivocally state: all my hard work was worth it. That’s not something you can always say about a job.


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