How to Write a Great First Blog Post

Ok, so you did it! You have decided to share your message with the world and start writing a blog. What a great way to get your message out there in a much bigger way and share what you have learned!

Sounds great in theory but now you have to write that first blog post and then actually post it for the world see…

Here are 3 blogging tips to help you get started:

  1. Write From Your Heart

Writing from your heart means that you must get out of your head where you are all caught up with the mechanics and rules of writing and instead just write from your heart. Some call it being in the ‘flow’ with their writing and others would say when writing from their heart they were ‘downloaded’ with the words of their message.

Either way writing from your heart can never steer you wrong. Readers respond really well when a writer comes from this place.

One thing you can do to write from your heart is to imagine the person you are writing to and what you would say to them to help them.

Visualizing this conversation keeps you writing from your heart and creates more of a connection with your reader. It is a great way to create a really good blog post.185191301

  1. Start with Imperfect Action

Deciding to write a blog and putting yourself out there in a much bigger way is a challenge all on its own but even a bigger one is to actually write that first blog post and then hit the publish button to send it out for all the world to read.

There is no easy way to do this. You must decide to just go for it with your imperfect action.  All you can do is your very best writing, edit really well, and then just POST IT.

The world needs your message and all you can do is try.

There will never be a time, especially when you are first starting out, that you will feel like you are an established blogger. You are a new blogger and this is the time for learning and honing your craft.

You will learn so much more from your trying and doing than from anything else. Going with your imperfect action is the best way to learn and grow in your writing and in your blogging.

  1. Give your Readers the How To’s

Writing a great blog post has many different components like a great story or important lesson but many readers are more interested in finding out how to do something and any secrets to doing it well.

Nowadays, millions of people are on the internet searching for the answers to their pressing problems and they are really interested in finding out how to solve them.

A great blog post can be a great story or an important lesson but for most readers they are more interested in what problems you solved and how you did it especially if it is their problem as well.

A blog post that outlines this clearly and concisely will be able to attract and keep a reader reading and that’s the whole point now isn’t it.

Remember there is only one version of you with a unique message to share with the world. Writing from your heart with imperfect action and helping your readers is an awesome way to write a great blog post.

There is no easy way to writing a great blog post other than trying and learning as you go. Writing from your heart with some clever planning and good editing practices will help you write a great blog post every time.


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