Writing that is Designed to Heal

These are the words of Tracy De Geer, Balboa Press author of “Sustainable Wellbeing”. Tracy answered the call to write her book and self-publish with Balboa Press.  Download the Balboa Press free publishing guide to receive more information.

A Calling to Write

writerI had never seen myself as a writer or author -most of my life. However, circumstances in my life were changing pushing me away from seeing patients as a Naturopath, which I had been doing for decades! At the same time, the patterns of levels of wellbeing that I was seeing in people were becoming clearer in my mind. Listening to complicated case histories and working with people to untangle their symptoms I had learned the wisdom that I felt compelled to share.

I was in the middle of a personal dilemma. Circumstances were restricting my time to help people with the health and wellbeing, but I was not a writer. However, I have all this information and experience within me that wants to be written! I could not write- but it seemed to me impossible that I could author a book and get it published.

The universe had other ideas – it was determined to help me get a book out! My responsibility was to honor what I had been privileged to see in my patients’ lives. Honor that my perspective was a benefit to people. Honor what was coming through me into the world.  And no matter what -keep writing. The inspiration of how to convey a point would come to me at very odd times. Hanging up washing, driving the car, or after talking to someone. I made sure to have notebooks with me or located in different spots to be able to catch these moments of clarity.

I won’t go into the detail of all the different types of responsibilities I was running between. However, I will mention that they included running a multidisciplinary medical and allied health center. I was also responsible for my Father’s health and business concerns and visiting other family member’s interstate in Australia.

Finding Balboa Press

One day I received an email from Balboa Press out of the blue. As I checked out writerwhat they were offering I thought this could make my book possible. Remember I thought it was impossible before, I was responding to the constant impulses to write underneath all the other activity but had no idea how to get beyond that.  Balboa Press with encouragement and expertise got me over the humps. I had two people help me with the editing and magically I had a book published and available in the clinic. I am so grateful to Balboa Press because I really don’t know how it could have happened without them.

It is such a joy to have people who I could not have helped otherwise say “your book really helped me. “ To have people buy them for their family and friends- words can’t describe the satisfaction.

Balboa Press authors who’d like to share a 350-600 word experience related to the self-publishing of their books are invited to do so by emailing blog@balboapress.com or the submission form on the Guidelines page. We may not be able to use every story, but we will read and consider them. Balboa Press reserves the right to edit stories for content, grammar, and punctuation accuracy; as well as for space. 

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