You’re invited to YOUR Social Event of the Year!: Part 3 of 3

Spiritual Selling without Selling Yourself Out!

If you’ve been following the “You’re invited to YOUR Social Event of the Year!” Blog Series, you’re at the point now where you’ve gotten the hang of your social media platforms, you have great & relevant information stockpiled away in a folder on your laptop, and you’ve been engaging online. (Good for you!!)

One thing you may have overlooked or wondered about?

How do I sell myself, and my book/product without selling myself out?

Easy. Be Creative! Use Hootsuite! Install variety and relevant information! Educate! Engage!

If you haven’t used this amazing tool before, I would suggest signing up asap! Go to:

480553737You want to take the tour/tutorial and take your time. Hootsuite will be the social media savior you’ve been waiting for all of your online life!

In a spiritual nut-shell – this will organize all of your social media platforms on one page!! You can have Facebook, LinkedIn, Your Blog, etc all organized on one visually appealing page.

You can now “schedule” a variety of posts (as suggested in Part 2) into the future! It’s amazing.

I would carve out 3 hours once a week (turn on Hay House Radio) and schedule your posts, videos, images and the like into the future. Once you get into this ritual or routine, you’ll have it made! You can enjoy this process and while the posts are automatically happening, I would encourage you to continue to engage in “real time” with your fans/followers at the same time!

You want to sell yourself, but don’t sell out.  Offer a variety of posts, opinions, shares, likes, videos, and relevant content. But nobody – not even your EGO wants to see 3 posts or more a day about YOU, YOU, YOU, or ME ME ME. Think more of a collaborative effort to help, heal, educate and engage your fans!

462363713Continue to spend quality time posting relevant information with the 3x3x3 formula outlined in my other blogs as a part of this series.

And one last thing: Did your Mother ever tell you: “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all?” The same old adage applies to social media. If you do not have anything relevant to post, don’t post at all!

If you missed my previous blogs, you can read them here: Manifestation, Motivation, Determination and Destiny and Energetic Execution & Engagement.

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